This is barely post Worthy except I can never pass up an opportunity the mock our Progressive liberal fascist enemies and kick them while they’re down. I mean, let’s face it, all they ever do is piss and moan and complain and cry and whine about President Trump and all they ever get in return is the echo chamber pissing and moaning and complaining and whining and crying from their lonely liberal friends.

What is not to mock?

I will say it again but I am no big fan and Donald Trump the man but he is my president and helping him is far more personally productive then pissing and moaning and stomping my feet like a two-year-old because nobody will pick him off of Twitter?

But Liberals are incapable of getting over themselves and reminding themselves every day, in front of a mirror, did they are the smartest person in the room. They aren’t, but you’ll never convince them of that.

In My Mind, Donald Trump should be the official national honey badger. The man does not give a fuck oh, and for that alone, he would get my vote until he can’t get my vote anymore. The rest of it, like the TV the left refuses to turn on, can be ignored as nothing more than background noise Family Guy I’m simply isn’t made to be the kind of president naive conservatives want him to be.

As my tattoo says, it is what it is, and we do the best we can with what we got.

Watching liberals cry and complain and feel sorry for themselves? That’s just icing on the cake.
[via Breitbart]


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