It’s not like this is any sort of earth-shattering news let alone any great surprise. When it suits a politician, regardless of constituent demands, Anything Goes when it comes to political calculus regarding the ability to get reelected. I get that. I hate it, but I get it.

The problem lies in the bad math behind the calculus.

Facebook and Twitter and Google and YouTube and all the rest of these scumbags understand loopholes that work behind every piece of legislation that can be left to interpretation. And with billions of dollars to spend, they happily face lawsuits knowing their chances of getting away with this shit are statistically pretty good. Even when they lose, they just throw some chump change at the plaintiffs and carry on with business as usual.

Because Republican politicians, even more so than liberals, are so out of touch with their constituents, all of this techy stuff goes right over their heads and big Tech just keeps on marching to the beat of their own drums. And, not for nothing, big props go out the big Tech for finding an idiot serving as a conservative on their board to fall for the bullshit they keep feeding him.

Big Tech censorship has many tentacles. Shadow Banning, manipulating rankings in searches, blocking advertising, and oh so much more. Censorship isn’t just erasing naughty words or nude photos. And big Tech can redefine their interpretation of the word offensive or fake or dangerous anytime they choose and everyone with an account has no choice but to accept these changes because of software updates they perform anytime they want and for any reasons they choose. But go ahead Republicans… Keep telling yourself you are doing it in our Collective best interests:

Senator Cruz has forgotten, or misrepresents, that Section 230 was created to encourage platforms to remove objectionable content, not to enforce “neutrality.” Had Internet companies simply been treated as publishers, they would have been liable for any illegal content that appeared on their platforms. The only way Internet companies could have avoided liability would be to adopt a completely hands-off approach to content moderation, but this presented its own problems.

[Via Breitbart]


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