My grandmother always used to say I should never speak ill of the Dead. I believe this creature, Norma McCorvey, is dead now and I would be happy to speak ill of her for hours given the news Reuters tells us about the fact that she never meant it when she said she had changed her mind and become a pro-lifer. It turns out this piece of human waste only set it because pro-lifers cater to and that she never gave a second thought about aborting her child and happily supported every one of the 60 plus million women that have done it since the Supreme Court said it was their constitutional right to do so.

60 million unborn children killed at the hands of their mothers and her doctors because the Supreme Court said they had the constitutional right to do so.

If there is a God and a devil, and I sure as hell hope there is, I pray that the Godmother of legal serial killing is frying like an egg on a griddle.

[Story via Reuters featured image via Vox


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