If you aren’t paying attention, Jeff Bezos is one of, if not THE, richest ugly troll walking the planet. Not only does he run a company that has reinvented the concept of how to equally fuck over consumers and competitors at a profit, but he also owns the Washington Post. Granted, the WaPo is his write off to get out of paying his fair share back into the economy, but it also provides him unfettered access to the national conversation in order to further the fascist alt-left initiative.

It surprises no one that he would team up with the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the worst actors in the wading pool of progressive liberal fascism.

A startling new investigation has revealed that Amazon provides charitable funding to the controversial and hyper-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center through the AmazonSmile customer giving program. Yet Amazon lets the SPLC act as a gatekeeper for the program, which means SPLC denies Amazon customers the ability to give to politically conservative organizations. As a result, organizations that promote conservative ideas are cut off from funds, while Amazon allows donations to a variety of liberal organizations that include Planned Parenthood, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the SPLC itself, which is the 33rd largest recipient of AmazonSmile contributions. A watchdog organization has placed an initiative on Amazon’s annual shareholder vote and is running a public petition campaign designed to end the injustice of SPLC both controlling and benefiting from the AmazonSmile program. They have placed an online petition for public signature here, with petitions sent immediately to Amazon’s Board of Directors.

There’s an old saying I came across years ago that goes like this:

“I used to be disgusted, now I’m just amused.”

Mainstream Republicans and naive conservatives have insisted for years that God is on our side and that the truth will somehow set us all free… Or some bullshit gibberish to that effect. Some of us have seen this coming for years but most of the rest of us have been too busy enjoying ease comfort and convenience to even realize just how far gone we already are

[via Breitbart]


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