It’s complete and utter bullhit.

The headline reads”Google Soured on Leftist Identity Politics After Employee Lawsuit” but it is a complete lie. Nothing has changed, nor will it ever change, when it comes to Google’s treatment of Republicans and conservatives and white men. And why should it? Their revenue streams from all of the sources in the alt-left are making them entirely too rich the risk of losing their core customer base over a silly spot with employees it will soon enough disappear what’s huge deposits in their bank accounts.

The right-wing news website Breitbart began covering the internal tensions about Google’s efforts to become more diverse, publishing a July 2018 article on a speaker event hosted by Google on the topic of how white people can better navigate conversations about racism and privilege in the workplace. Breitbart accused Google of breaking its internal policy against using blanket statements about categories of people, such as about employees in certain racial groups.

Back in the day, they called them slush bones when hush money was doled out to keep people quiet. A better name, in the era of Big Tech, should be flush fun. They flush the monstrous Google cache, payoff the whistleblowers, and carry on their pursuits to silence or obscure dissent has control of the narrative and the flow of dialogue.

I hear there’s good money in that. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

[Featured image and story link via Breitbart]


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