I realize nobody cares about censorship because they don’t think it has any effect on their internet life, but at what point will it get through to the morons that write laws in this country? Sooner or later, as it always does, power switches hands and when it does next time around, the right combination of lawmakers is going to shove big Tech down liberal throats.

From a Donald Trump Jr. Tweet:

The GOP Senate needs to wake up & IMMEDIATELY subpoena & haul in the CEO of @Google for questioning.

Google is an out of control monopoly, with a leftwing political agenda, engaging in a clear campaign to silence dissent. It’s election interference, full stop.


I remember Ma Bell being broken up because she was too big for her skivvies. I don’t know how our government involved to the point of “too big to fail” but there needs to come a time soon where we start saying”they’re so big WE’RE failing” or shit is going to get ugly.

[Via Breitbart]


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