David NG has an article over at Breitbart that is worthy of a quick skim, even if only to smile at someone else’s deep-seated loathing of Facebook besides just mine. Beyond that, however, there is an important message trying to be conveyed by this former investor in Facebook:

“Shame on Facebook. Shame on anyone who embraces this concept,” Wernick said in a statement released on Friday. “And shame on anyone who would agree to serve on this Committee. They are free speech frauds who want to control language and thought.”

If that’s not enough to get you over there for a look, be advised you will also hear Facebook referred to as not only data rapists but also as techno-fascists. It doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

I’m only one guy, and I haven’t figured out how just yet, but if it takes until my last breath I’m going to see Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Google and every other media oligarchy Outlet brought to their Goddam knees once and for all. The first amendment was never intended to be manipulated to serve a greater corporate good. It was meant to serve the consumers of this trash and protect us from losing our rights in the name of someone else’s bottom line.


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