Bokhari has a piece over at Breitbart that digs down into something I had never heard of before: The “gig” economy.

Once he described it, of course, it made perfect sense to me. I DO love at least that one thing about the American people… No matter how hard we get collectively kicked in the junk, by foreign diseases or piss-poor domestic politics, we always figure out a way the stand back up and steady ourselves for the next blow. Having said that, however, we are increasingly allowing ourselves to make stupid decisions and invest ourselves in people and organizations who go on to find new ways to kick us in the junk, even harder, while we are down:

The “gig economy” is a new phrase, coined by Silicon Valley to make modern-day tech slavery sound cute. What it really means is that you’ll work harder than your parents did, for less pay, with less stability, with no benefits, and no workers’ rights.

Admittedly a rhetorical question, I can’t help but keep asking why we haven’t stood up as a nation and put an end to the control over our lives we have allowed Silicon Valley and its cohorts to exercise over us. Our addictions to Social Media and the derivatives of Google are literally going to be the death of all of us and yet they are products we can easily boycott and stop using… and delivering obscene profits to.

Simple things to take back control of Our Lives that not enough people are willing to do.

[Image via Fabrik Brands]


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