There is a pretty decent article over at Breitbart by somebody named O’Brien that makes a few intelligent points about the problems we face, as a nation when we allow short-sighted half-wits to serve in Congress.

The gist of this story is that a few liberal Trump-haters in Congress, not liking one of his executive orders, are having the temper tantrum and accusing him of exceeding his Constitutional Authority and violating the separation of powers as established in the Constitution.

Except that they are wrong.

And, as the author of this piece poignantly implies, if Congressional liberals could get their heads out of their own asses long enough to do their jobs according to their sworn oath of office, they would realize that the Congressional body, of which they are apart, gave the office of president the very Authority they are now lamenting Trump’s decision to exercise.

More times than not President Trump drives me crazy on a personal level but his cunning ability, having never been an entrenched politician, to drive liberals batshit-crazy, makes me love him a little more every day he is in office. And, I stand by my Proclamation that he should be named “National Honey Badger” because the man seriously just does not give a fuck.

[Image via Breitbart]


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